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    Welcome to Murals By Svetlana and thank you for visiting!


    What you see here is a collection of my work including Wall murals, Ceiling murals, Watercolor paintings, Oil paintings, Tumbled Marble Tile Murals ,and   Woodcrafts.


   Through the years, I have experimented with various types of art and techniques.

    I enjoy creating original, non-traditional work. In my art, I  like to capture the beauty of places I have visited using bright colors to capture the moments.

 Different mediums allow me to express different ideas.


    I enjoy creating work from subjects to details, and using skills in art effects especially in painting wall murals for children's rooms. The murals always bring   out my most imaginative ideas. Color is the most important aspect in my painting from very bright to very pastel tones.   

    Murals can be big or small, outside or inside, encompass an entire room or part of one. 

    My murals can be designed to a customer's specific requirements.

    The customers can see what their mural will resemble in the planning stage.

     I am dedicated to creating works that are beautiful yet functional.

    The price of the murals and other paintings depend on the size, the amount of time and difficulty. Each price is quoted in advance of the project.


    Please visit the online galleries to inspire you with the accomplishment of professional work and designs.

    Enjoy the galleries and contact me for further information.







Monday - Friday
 8 : 30 am  -  5 : 00 pm
 9 : 00 am  -  5 : 00 pm


Custom artistic designs

  • Wall and Ceiling Murals

  • Portraits

  • Watercolors

  • Oils

  • Pastels and Acrylics

  • Tumbled Marble Tiles

  • Web design


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