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 Tumbled Marble Tile murals can be painted in any size.

Each murals is a custom piece of artwork like no other.

The tile used are 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 inches and murals can be made to fit any dimensions.  


Tile/murals.jpg Tile/live.jpg Tile/monet.jpg Tile/scan0001.jpg
Tile/autumn1.jpg Tile/DSCF0224.JPG Tile/DSCF6283.JPG Tile/DSCF6278.JPG
Tile/sunset.JPG Tile/DSCF0052.JPG Tile/oceanview1.jpg Tile/blackchair.jpg
Tile/tower.jpg Tile/light.jpg Tile/city.jpg Tile/Picture130.jpg
Tile/holandia.jpg Tile/trees.jpg Tile/seaview.jpg Tile/villas2.jpg
Tile/Picture028.jpg Tile/Picture026.jpg Tile/Picture014.jpg Tile/Picture005.jpg
Tile/oceanview.jpg Tile/bluewater1.jpg


The most popular way to customize your mural it to send a fabric,pillows ,wallpaper,family vacation photos - any color sample you can think of -to incorporate into your mural color scheme.
A black and white scketch will be created and approved prior to creating your mural.

Tile4/tuscany1.jpg Tile4/tuscanuview.jpg Tile4/vistiria.jpg Tile4/Picture085.jpg
Tile4/vinyads.jpg Tile4/bluebonnets.jpg Tile4/tuscany.jpg Tile4/20140306.jpg
Tile4/HOME.jpg Tile4/fazan.jpg Tile4/Picture047.jpg Tile4/14.jpg
Tile4/fieldofdlowers.jpg Tile4/grapes.jpg Tile4/pastelroad.jpg Tile4/bluesky.jpg
Tile4/Picture007.jpg Tile4/villa.jpg Tile4/vineyardview.jpg Tile4/wildflowers.jpg
Tile4/lakecomo.jpg Tile4/litlecity.jpg Tile4/lake.jpg Tile4/italianwineyards.jpg
Tile4/bluesteem.jpg Tile4/house.jpg Tile4/cows.jpg Tile4/boat.jpg