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Each college logos handcut from
Tumbled Marble Tile
in the wooden frame 10 x 10 inches
I can design one for your favorite team 
$150 each 

TMTL/OU.jpg TMTL/ATM.jpg TMTL/TT.jpg TMTL/smu.jpg
TMTL/bu.jpg TMTL/ut.jpg TMTL/TCU.jpg


Hand painted Tumbled Marble Tile Murals
in the wooden tray
size 9 x 12 inches 
 $150 each




 Hand painted Tumbled Marble Tile Mural

on the wooden tray 




 Each Texas Logos handcut from

Tumbled Marble Tile in the wooden frame 

  $195 each





Hand painted Tumbled Marble Tile Mural

in the wooden frame 

size 91/2 x 91/2 inches



Handcut  from Tumbled Marble Tile

in the metal frame




Hand painted Tumbled Marble Tile  Mural 

with frame 12 x 16 inches 




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